• Beauty Papers Issue #9 (2021)
  • Beauty Papers Issue #9 (2021)

Beauty Papers Issue #9 (2021)

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Beauty Papers is no arena for step-by-step lessons on contouring or how to triple-line your eyes. Rather, the title collaborates with makeup artists, fashion photographers, and hairstylists to create hefty volumes that encourage readers to unlearn, forget, and discover.

Beauty Papers Issue 9. With: Maggi Hambling, Jackie Nickerson, Glen Luchford, Yadim, Nick Sethi, Zanele Muholi, Sunil Gupta, Harley Weir, Dominick Sheldon, Lea Colombo, Lucy Bridge, Piczo, Bibi Borthwick, Simon Emmett, Paul Kooiker.


400 pages, 28.5 × 22 cm. Published in 2021. In English. ISBN 9772058847104. Condition: Mint.